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Gasterosteiformes  -  Aulostomidae  -  Aulostomus  -  Aulostomus chinensis

Aulostomus chinensis

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D1: VIII-XIII isolated spines
C: rounded



Aulostomus chinensis (Linnaeus, 1766)

Pacific trumpetfish,     Chinese trumpetfish

Body very elongate, somewhat compressed; head strongly compressed; snout very long, tubular; barbel on chin; oblique mouth; no teeth on top jaw, tiny teeth on lower jaw; 1st  dorsal fin with VIII-XIII small, isolated spines; pelvic fins well behind pectorals, short but reach anus; soft dorsal and anal opposite at rear of body, fins similar in shape and relatively high at front; narrow tail base; tail fin rounded; scales small, rough.

Color variable, usually brown to grey-brown above, with diffuse pale stripes and bars on the sides; at times completely yellow.

Size: 80 cm.

Habitat: rocky reefs.

Depth: 3-120 m.

An Indo-Pacific species; the tip of Baja, Panama to Ecuador and all the oceanic islands.

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