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Perciformes  -  Pomacentridae  -  Abudefduf  -  Abudefduf declivifrons

Abudefduf declivifrons

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  grey + 4-5 pale bars

bone under eye: free from cheek, edge not scale covered


Abudefduf declivifrons (Gill, 1862)

Mexican night-sergeant

Body relatively deep, oblong, compressed; 1 pair of nostrils;  suborbital bone under eye usually not fused to cheek, its lower edge free, although sometimes partly joined to cheek and its lower border partly covered with scales; preopercle with smooth edge; mouth small, protrusible; teeth in single row, with notched or flat tips; gill rakers 19-23; a single continuous dorsal fin, XIII, 12-13; anal rays II, 10; pectoral rays 19; no projecting short spines at upper and lower base of tail fin; caudal fin forked; scales are moderately large and rough; body scaled, head largely scaled, as are the basal parts of the median fins; lateral line incomplete, ends under end of dorsal fin base; lateral-line scales 20-21.

Grey with 4-5 narrow whitish bars; most body scales with dark borders; narrow blackish bar or blackish wedge-shaped blotch on base of pectoral.

Size: reaches 18 cm.

Habitat: lives on rocky reefs exposed to wave action.

Depth: 0- 5 m.

Lower Baja and the central Gulf of California to Costa Rica; the Revillagigedos.

Has been considered a synonym of A. concolor, but a recent molecular study of Lessios et al 1995 (Copeia 1995: 277-288) confirmed that it is a separate species.

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