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Pleuronectiformes  -  Paralichthyidae  -  Syacium  -  Syacium ovale

Syacium ovale

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eyes together, parallel
D & pectorals: no elongate front rays
LL straight

fixed teeth: 2 rows top jaw, 1 row bottom
7-9 lower gill rakers
body & fins: dark spots


Syacium ovale (Günther, 1864)

Oval flounder

Body height 39-48% of SL; head length 26-30% of SL; snout with slight concavity before top eye; snout length before top eye < 24% of head length; eyes on left side; eyes ~ parallel; width between eyes < 6% of head length; mouth of moderate length, 32-38% of head length, ends under mid-eye; jaws on blind side not arched;  fixed teeth in 2 rows in upper jaw, 1 row lower jaw; 7-9 short, fat, serrated lower gill rakers; dorsal rays 83-91; 64-71 anal rays; pectoral fin 59-71% head length in both sexes; base of eye side pelvic on midline of body; tail base 33-45% of SL); urinary papilla on blind side, immediately behind anus; lateral line not extending onto head, starts at corner of operculum, relatively straight; 52-58 lateral line scales; scales very rough in eye-side, smooth an blind side.

Color variable from more or less uniform brown to brown with numerous dark spots that extend onto median fins.

Size: to about 25 cm.

Inhabits flat sand bottoms between 9 and 40 m.

Depth: 10-60 m.

Southern Baja and the Gulf of California to Peru; the Revillagigedos Islands, rarely in the Galapagos.

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