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Anguilliformes  -  Muraenidae  -  Gymnothorax  -  Gymnothorax buroensis

Gymnothorax buroensis

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front light brown + dark mottling
rear: brown + short, narrow white bars
margin of tail yellow



Gymnothorax buroensis (Bleeker, 1857)

Latticetail moray,     Vagrant moray

Stout bodied; tail a little > ½ TL; front nostrils tubular, rear nostrils a hole at upper profile level; teeth pointed, conical, not serrated; 2 rows of teeth on side top jaws, outer row smaller, 5 rows at front; lower jaw with 2 rows at front; dorsal and anal fins covered with skin, but clearly evident; dorsal fin origin before gill opening;

Light brown at front, finely spotted with dark brown; body with 5 rows of small dark brown blotches that tend to line up vertically forming diffuse bars, blotches larger at rear; margin of tail yellowish.

Size: reaches 47 cm.

Habitat: rocky bottoms.

Depth: 1-10 m.

Widespread in the tropical Indo-Pacific from East Africa to the Americas; in the eastern Pacific known from Costa Rica and western Panama, and Clipperton, Cocos and the Galapagos.

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