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Anguilliformes  -  Muraenidae  -  Enchelynassa  -  Enchelynassa canina

Enchelynassa canina

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nostrils: front = tube + flap, rear = cup

large canines  
dark grey-brown



Enchelynassa canina (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824)

Longfang moray,     Viper moray

Front nostril a short tube with a long 2-lobed flap at rear end; rear nostril above front of eye, large, oval and cup-like, with a raised rim;  jaws long, arched so do not shut completely; extremely long canine teeth at front of jaws, and inner row on side of upper jaw; dorsal and anal fins developed as skin-covered ridges, but clearly evident; dorsal origin before gill opening; skin with narrow irregular ridges.

Dark brownish grey with vertical thin blackish lines in grooves on skin; each pore along side of jaws in a small pale to whitish spot.

Size: reported to 250 cm.

Habitat: rocky bottoms.

Depth: 2-20 m.

Widespread in the tropical Indo-Pacific; in the eastern Pacific it is known from Clipperton Island and the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama.

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