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Perciformes  -  Labridae  -  Thalassoma  -  Thalassoma lucasanum

Thalassoma lucasanum

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IP: brown, side - yellow & red stripes
TP: blue head, body red + yellow bar



Thalassoma lucasanum (Gill, 1862)

Cortez rainbow wrasse

Elongate, slender, compressed body; 1 pair canines at front of top jaw, 1 pair on bottom, none at rear of jaws; preopercle edge smooth; dorsal fin VIII, 13; anal rays III, 11; pectoral rays 15; tail fin concave; lateral line unbroken, but bends abruptly down near end of soft dorsal fin; scales large (26-27 on lateral line), smooth; head scaleless.

IP:  with pair of bright yellow and red stripes bordering broad dark brown to greenish stripe from snout through eye along head and body; TP:  body purplish, a broad yellow bar just behind head; tail bluish; head bluish with darker blue-green stripes below eye; pectoral yellow, with blue margin.

Maximum size to 15 cm.

Forms aggregations that feed on plankton around rocky and coral reefs, also feeds on benthic crustaceans, and fish eggs; the young sometimes "clean" parasites from other fishes.

Depth: 0-64 m.

Central Baja and the Central Gulf of California to central Peru, plus all the offshore islands except Clipperton.

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