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Perciformes  -  Sciaenidae  -  Cheilotrema  -  Cheilotrema fasciatum

Cheilotrema fasciatum

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oblong, compressed

mouth below snout
dark + 1 pale bar & blotches

  operculum: large black blotch  

A: 2nd spine heavy, 8-9 rays  


Cheilotrema fasciatum (Tshudi, 1845)

Arnillo drum

Body high, oblong; forehead profile oblique, snout pointed, slightly overhanging small, ~ horizontal mouth; chin with 5 pores, no barbel; 13-14 short, spiny gill rakers; preopercle with smooth edge; dorsal fin X, I, 24-26, with deep notch between spiny and soft parts, second dorsal relatively low; anal short, II spines, 2nd  spine heavy, 2/3 length of 1st  ray, 8-9 rays; pectoral short, not reaching tip of pelvic, 18 rays; tail straight; scales rough; most of soft dorsal and anal scaled, tail fin entirely scaled; 63-70 lateral line scales.

Body dark grey brown, with indistinct broad dark bars; a whitish bar under last dorsal spines; a light area on upper body under middle of 2nd  dorsal fin; a large black blotch on upper rear border of opercle; fins dark grey, pelvics darker, juveniles with a pair of dark bars at front of body, 2 dark blotches under soft dorsal that are joined by dark lines, a dark bar across tail base.

Size: 35 cm.

Habitat: caves and crevices near sandy bottoms, open bays and coasts?

Depth: 3-100 m?

Paita (Perú) to Valparaíso, Chile.

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