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Perciformes  -  Labridae  -  Halichoeres  -  Halichoeres aestuaricola

Halichoeres aestuaricola

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TP: grey-green, head reddish
IP: grey + 2 black spots - D & C base



Halichoeres aestuaricola Bussing, 1972

Mangrove wrasse

Moderately elongate,
 compressed; enlarged canine teeth at front of both jaws (1 pair above, 2 pairs below), a canine at rear of top jaws; dorsal fin IX (rarely VIII), 11; anal rays III, 11 or 12; pectoral rays 12-14; lateral line unbroken, but abruptly bent down under rear of dorsal fin, its tubes branched, except those on tail base; lateral line with 27-28 pored scales.

IP:  mauve greyish with yellowish suffusion on middle of side; dorsal and anal fins yellowish; a black spot on middle of dorsal fin and upper base of caudal fin; TP:  grey-brown tinted with mauve; head blue grey to pinkish; most of fins yellowish, base of dorsal fin and lower one-fourth of caudal fin dusky mauve.

Size: grows to at least 30 cm.

Inhabits shallow mangrove areas and tidal creeks.

Depth: 0-5 m.

Central eastern Gulf of California to Colombia.

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