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Perciformes  -  Labridae  -  Bodianus  -  Bodianus diplotaenia

Bodianus diplotaenia

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TP: greenish + yellow bar, reddish head
IP: red-grey + brown stripes

yellow C
juvenile: yellow



Bodianus diplotaenia (Gill, 1862)

Mexican hogfish

Body robust, compressed;  large males  with pronounced hump between eyes; snout pointed; a canine tooth at rear of top jaw, 2 pairs of strong canines at front of top and bottom jaws; dorsal fin XII, 10; anal fin III, 12; adult  males  with long filaments on tail fin lobes and prolonged rays posteriorly on dorsal and anal fins ; pectoral rays 17; lateral line unbroken, smoothly arched; scales large, 31 with pores on lateral line.

IP:  reddish grading to yellow on posterior part of body and caudal fin; a pair of blackish stripes (may be broken) on upper half of side and individual scale margins brown to reddish;  TP:  bluish green with brown head (except lower jaw white) and narrow yellowish bar on middle of side; juveniles similar to IP but with yellow base color.

Maximum size to 76 cm, common to 35 cm.

Commonly seen on rocky reefs.

Depth: 5-75 m.

Central Baja California to the Gulf of California to northern Chile, including all the offshore islands.

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