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Perciformes  -  Pomacanthidae  -  Holacanthus  -  Holacanthus passer

Holacanthus passer

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dark blue-grey

C & pectoral: yellow
front body: white bar
juvenile orange & black + blue & white bars



Holacanthus passer Valenciennes, 1846

King angelfish

Deep compressed body; a small mouth with brush-like teeth; preopercle with large spine at its angle, with vertical margin serrated; bone between preopercle and operculum with 1-4 large spines; bone under eye without large, rear-pointing spines;  a single, un- notched dorsal fin, XIV, 18-20;  anal rays III,17-19; dorsal and anal fins end in filaments; tail straight; lateral line weakly developed, ends under end of soft dorsal fin; large (~ 50 in lateral series) regularly arranged, very rough scales with distinct ridges on the exposed part, scales extend out onto the median fins.

Velvety blue-grey with blue scale centers; a narrow white bar on side at level of rear edge of pectoral fin; tail fin yellow; juveniles  orangish anteriorly, brown posteriorly, 5-6 narrow blue bars on side and pair of similar bars on head surrounding broad brown bar through eye.

Maximum size about 36 cm.

Habitat: juveniles sometimes found in tide pools. Relatively common on rocky reefs or coralline areas.

Depth: 1-80 m.

Central Baja to the Gulf of California to northern Peru, including the Revillagigedos, Galapagos, Malpelo and Cocos.

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