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Perciformes  -  Sciaenidae  -  Micropogonias  -  Micropogonias ectenes

Micropogonias ectenes

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flank: 10-12 short oblique bars
D: front medium, 23-26

chin: 4 pairs barbels


Micropogonias ectenes (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882)

Slender croaker

Elongate, moderately compressed; prominent snout; eye moderate (1.7-1.8 in snout); mouth small, under snout, lips thin; teeth simple, no canines, outer row teeth of upper jaw slightly enlarged; 4 inconspicuous barbels along inner side of lower jaw;  margin of preopercle strongly serrated, spines at the angle; gill rakers 22-24; dorsal rays X + I, 23-26, first dorsal at most barely reaching origin of second dorsal fin when depressed; anal rays II, 7-8, 2nd  spine robust, ~ ¾ length of 1st  anal ray; tail margin a short, blunt point, upper lobe slightly concave; scales large, rough on body and nape, smooth on breast and cheek; pored lateral-line scales 51-54; soft dorsal and anal fins without scales.

Color silvery grey with brassy hue; upper sides with dark oblique streaks extending upward and backwards along scale rows; fins yellowish, spinous dorsal fin with blackish outer margin.

Size: grows to about 40 cm.

Inhabits coastal waters.

Depth: 1-33 m.

Southern Baja, the central Gulf of California to Acapulco.

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