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Perciformes  -  Sciaenidae  -  Macrodon  -  Macrodon mordax

Macrodon mordax

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    C S shape

front top & bottom jaws: large canines with arrow points
  A 9-10 rays, spines weak


Macrodon mordax (Gilbert & Starks, 1904)

Dog-tooth weakfish,     Toothed weakfish

Body elongate, compressed; eye moderately large; mouth oblique, large, lower jaw projecting; chin with minute pores, no barbells; teeth large, pointed, with large canines at front, those on top jaw strongly curved, with arrow-head tips; gill rakers 9-11; preopercle edge smooth; dorsal rays IX-X+I, 27-30; anal fin I-II weak spines, 9-10, with short base; pectorals long, reaching beyond tips of depressed pelvic fins; edge of tail fin S shaped; scales small, smooth; soft dorsal and anal entirely scaled; pored lateral-line scales 45-55.

Silvery, bluish or greenish greyish on upper back; axil of pectoral fin dark; fins whitish to slightly dusky.

Size: grows to 50 cm.

Inhabits coastal waters, including bays and estuaries.

Depth: 5-30 m.

Costa Rica to Ecuador.

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