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Perciformes  -  Haemulidae  -  Pomadasys  -  Pomadasys bayanus

Pomadasys bayanus

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juvenile - wavy stripes

mouth reaches under eye
pectoral not to pelvic tip
A: 2nd spine very long, stout


Pomadasys bayanus Jordan & Evermann, 1898

Purple-mouth grunt,     Freshwater grunt

Elongate, strongly compressed; mouth long, reaches under center of eye, inside not red, lips thin; chin with 2 pores at front and 2 inside hole behind, plus a longitudinal groove; preopercle weakly or not serrated, ventral serrations not forward pointing; dorsal fin XII-XIII, 12, moderately notched; anal III, 7, second anal spine very long and stout, its length about two times eye diameter or more; pectoral fins relatively short, not reaching tips of depressed pelvic fins; pelvics short, not reaching anus (except in small juveniles); no scales on soft dorsal and anal fins; 50-51 pored lateral line scales; 8 oblique rows of scales between lateral line and origin of dorsal fin.

Silvery, with an orange tint on sides; fins orangish; juvenile with wavy stripes.

Size: grows to 36 cm.

Habitat: tolerates salinities between 20-30 ppt, but travels considerable distances up fast moving rivers.

Depth: 0-10 m.

Southern Baja to Peru.

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