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Perciformes  -  Haemulidae  -  Anisotremus  -  Anisotremus pacifici

Anisotremus pacifici

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4-5 dark bars on body
  longest D spine & 2nd A spine < 1/2 head

D 13

  pectoral short


Anisotremus pacifici (Günther, 1864)

Carruco grunt,     Pacific grunt,     Carruco sargo

Body deep, compressed, back high; head short, blunt; mouth small, low, ~ horizontal, lips fleshy; inside mouth not red; teeth in bands on jaws, outer ones larger, conical, none on center roof of mouth; a pair of conspicuous pores plus a central groove under the chin; preopercle finely serrated; dorsal continuous but deeply notched, 4th  spine longest, XI, 14; anal III, 9-10, 2nd  spine long and thick;  longest dorsal spine and 2nd  anal spine < ½  head length; pectoral fins very short, not reaching tip of pelvic; tail forked; scales moderate to large, rough, over entire body and head except front of snout, lips and chin, on membranes between dorsal and anal soft rays;  lines of scales above lateral line in rows parallel to lateral line; lateral-line scales 45-48.

Whitish to dusky pale grey with 4-5 blackish bars on body and head
 (bars quickly disappear after death); soft dorsal and soft part of anal fin dusky blackish.

Size: to at least 30 cm.

Habitat: inshore waters on sandy or muddy bottoms, also enters estuaries and rivers.

Depth: 3-35 m.

Central Mexico to northern Peru.

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