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Perciformes  -  Gerreidae  -  Eugerres  -  Eugerres brevimanus

Eugerres brevimanus

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preopercle & bone under eye serrated

thick fleshy lips
A: 2nd spine very thick


Eugerres brevimanus (Günther, 1864)

Short-fin mojarra

Body moderately deep (depth 40-45% of SL),  compressed; upper head profile convex; lips noticeably swollen; lower profile of head distinctively concave; mouth highly extensible, pointing downward when protruded; 10-12 lower gill rakers; lower border of preopercle serrated; bone under front of eye with serrated border; teeth inside throat all pointed; dorsal fin IX, 9-10, elevated at front,  2nd  spine longer than distance between tip of snout and rear of eye; anal fin III, 8, second spine much enlarged, thick and robust, but not longer than 2nd  dorsal spine; pectoral short, not reaching past pelvics; tail forked; scales large, conspicuous and finely rough, covering most of head and body; dorsal and anal fins fold into a high scaly sheath along their bases.

Silvery white with narrow dark lines corresponding with longitudinal scale rows; pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins yellowish.

Maximum size about 28 cm.

Inhabits sand, mud, and rubble bottoms of coastal waters.

Depth: 0-30 m.

Central Mexico to Panama.

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