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Squatiniformes  -  Squatinidae  -  Squatina  -  Squatina armata

Squatina armata

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eye = 16% of distance between eyes
chest & abdomen with denticles

nostril barbel narrow, curved, notched
distance between nostrils < distance between eyes


Squatina armata (Phillipi, 1887)

South Pacific angel shark    

Front half of body and head (including pectoral and pelvic fins) roughly diamond shaped and greatly flattened; with a distinct neck between the pectorals; head oval, relatively narrow behind; distance between nostrils distinctly less than that between eyes; nostril barbell narrow, notched and convex; eyes relatively small (6.3 times in space between them) on top of head, with prominent spiracles behind them; mouth at front; pectoral and pelvic fins greatly enlarged; dorsal fins small, about equal sized, situated near tail fin; lower lobe of tail larger; denticles on lower surface almost entirely covering the pectoral and pelvic fins, with a transverse band on chest, a large patch on the abdomen and almost entirely covering the underside of the tail. Holotype with heavy thorns on snout, between eyes and spiracles; a double row of large hooked thorns down midback and between dorsal fins; large thorns on front edge of pectorals.

Grey to grey-brown, mottled and blotched with olive; irregular dusky areas on tail and dorsal fins; lower surface white.

Reaches 113 cm.

On sandy bottoms.

Depth range 3-200m.

A basically temperate species that ranges from Costa Rica to Chile. 

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