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Atheriniformes  -  Atherinopsidae  -  Colpichthys  -  Colpichthys regis

Colpichthys regis

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head depressed, wide, flat

eye > 25% of head length

D1 origin before A origin
6-10 scales between D1 & D2

47-57 lateral scales

mouth a little under snout

edge of top lip folded down



Colpichthys regis (Jenkins and Evermann 1889)

False grunion

Body deep and strongly compressed; head depressed, and broadly flattened above; top profile ~ straight; eye large (at least 25% of head length); mouth partly below snout, top jaw extendible; edge of top lip folded down; jaw teeth with double, asymmetrical points; hair-like teeth inside throat; 15-19 gill rakers on lower limb of first gill arch, rakers are short, compressed, the inner border of the lower half of the 1st  raker serrated; 1st  dorsal with ~ VI spines, origin before anal fin origin; anal I, 22;  pectoral fins long (1.5x head length; 3 rows of scales below eye; 4 rows of scales on cheeks; 46-57 lateral scales; 6-10 scales between dorsal fins.

Color: Pale, flank with a 1 scale wide silver stripe, bordered above by a dark line.

Reaches 20 cm.

Found in coastal areas and lagoons and mangroves.

Depth range 0-4 m.

Endemic to the upper Gulf of California.

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