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Perciformes  -  Coryphaenidae  -  Coryphaena  -  Coryphaena hippurus

Coryphaena hippurus

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body height < 25% SL
D 55-65

tooth patch on tongue small & round
pectoral > 1/2 head
A: front margin concave


Coryphaena hippurus Linnaeus, 1758

Common dolphinfish

Elongate compressed body; maximum height < ¼ of SL; adult  males with a bony crest on the forehead, and a near-vertical front snout profile; mouth large; numerous small teeth in bands on jaws;  patch of teeth on tongue is small and oval; a long-based dorsal fin 55-65 rays extending from the nape almost to the tail fin; a long-based anal fin with concave anterior outer edge, extending nearly to the tail fin; a large, deeply forked tail fin; no isolated finlets behind the dorsal or anal fins; pectoral fins > ½ head length; pelvics short, fitting into groove on the belly; small smooth scales; no hard spiny scales (scutes) on lateral line; lateral line with a sharp curve over pectorals.

Back brilliant metallic blue green, shading to golden yellow ventrally, with scattered iridescent blue-green spots; dorsal fin deep blue green; tail, anal, and pelvic fins mainly yellow; small juveniles golden with about 12 dark bars on side. Brilliant colours fade to silvery grey with black spots and dark fins soon after death.

Size: attains 210 cm and 39.6 Kg.

Habitat: pelagic in coastal and oceanic waters.

Depth: 0-85 m.

Circumtropical; throughout the tropical eastern Pacific.

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