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Perciformes  -  Carangidae  -  Selene  -  Selene brevoortii

Selene brevoortii

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head angular

  forehead concave, very high
D & A lobes long

pelvics tiny
juvenile: D1 - long filament


Selene brevoortii (Gill, 1863)

Pacific lookdown,     Mexican lookdown

Body pentagonal shape and strongly compressed; head very deep with angular nape and very steep concave forehead-snout profile; lower gill rakers (excluding rudiments) 29-34; dorsal rays VIII+I, 20-24, spines of dorsal fin short, with at least last one isolated; anal rays II+I, 17-18; dorsal and anal fin spines become embedded with age;  dorsal and anal fin lobes prolonged in adults; in juveniles front dorsal spines extremely elongate and filamentous, front anal spines not elongate; pelvic fins elongate in small juveniles, becoming very short in adults; no isolated finlets after 2nd  dorsal and anal fins; pectoral long, curved; straight part of lateral line with poorly developed, small scutes (hard spiny scales); scales very small, imbedded in skin, body appears scaleless.

Overall silvery in color.

Size: reaches 42 cm.

Habitat: demersal on sandy bottoms.

Depth: 1-50 m.

Southern California to the lower half of the Gulf of California to Chile.

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