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Scorpaeniformes  -  Scorpaenidae  -  Scorpaenodes  -  Scorpaenodes xyris

Scorpaenodes xyris

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no pit behind eye

operculum - dark blotch

pectoral: lower  rays unbranched
body scales rough


Scorpaenodes xyris (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882)

Rainbow scorpionfish

No pit on top of head behind eye; teeth on center of roof of mouth but not on sides; longitudinal ridge under eye with 2-3 spines, sometimes another row of spines below those; a small slit present or absent behind last gill arch;  dorsal fin XIII, 10 rays; anal III, 5; last dorsal and anal rays branched; pectoral 18 rays, some rays branched,  the lower 10 unbranched and thickened, longest rays in center; scales rough, head usually scaly; skin flaps absent on scales of body; small spiny rays at top and bottom of base of tail fin.

Blotchy or mottled brown to red, often with 3-5 irregular dark bars on side;  a white bar below eye extending across upper jaw; a prominent blackish spot on lower part of gill cover.

Size: reaches 15 cm.

Inhabits reef crevices.

Depth: 1-50 m.

Southern California through the Gulf of California to Peru and all the oceanic islands.

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