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Heterodontiformes  -  Heterodontidae  -  Heterodontus  -  Heterodontus mexicanus

Heterodontus mexicanus

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eye crest ends gradually

weakly concave between eyes
pale bar between eyes

body spots > 1/2 eye
D1 origin over pectoral



Heterodontus mexicanus Taylor & Castro-Aguirre, 1972

Mexican horn shark

A slender-bodied shark with an enlarged squarish head and pig-like snout; low bony ridge above each eye that ends gradually rear; space between eyes shallowly concave; nostrils without barbels; with grooves around the nostrils and connected to the mouth; anterior nasal flaps elongate posteriorly; small mouth; front teeth with 3 similar sized points, enlarged molariform teeth posteriorly; both dorsal fins with a sharp spine; origin of first dorsal fin over pectoral fin base; skin denticles on flank large (70-130/cm2  in adults) and rough.

Grey-brown, usually with scattered large (> ½ eye diameter) black spots on fins and body; a pale bar between eyes; 1-2 indistinct dusky blotches below eye.

Size: reaches 70 cm.

Habitat: rocky to sandy bottoms.

Depth: 1-50 m.

Southern Baja and the Gulf of California to Peru.

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