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Clupeiformes  -  Engraulidae  -  Anchoa  -  Anchoa compressa

Anchoa compressa

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snout pointed, 1/2-3/4 eye
deep body
stripe ~ eye

top jaw not to edge preopercle, blunt tip
lower gill rakers 21-24

pectoral reaches pelvic
A 27-31, origin just before center D


Anchoa compressa (Girard,1858)

Deep body anchovy

Body moderately deep, compressed; snout pointed, ½-¾ of eye diameter long; top jaw medium length, not reaching rear of preopercle, tip blunt; membrane between gill covers not expanded at rear; third gill arch with a few short rakers on its rear face; 21-24 lower gill rakers; no large canine teeth; dorsal fin origin in mid-body; anal fin base long, 27-31 rays, origin just before middle of dorsal fin; pectorals long, reaching base of pelvics.

Bright silver stripe along flank often as wide as eye, not fading in death.

Size: 16.5 cm.

Habitat: marine, coastal pelagic, most commonly found in bays.

Depth: 0-18.5 m.

Point Conception, California to Magdalena Bay, Baja California.

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