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Gadiformes  -  Merlucciidae  -  Merluccius  -  Merluccius productus

Merluccius productus

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head < 29% SL
D2 39-44

  gill rakers 18-23


Merluccius productus (Ayres, 1855)

Pacific hake,     North-Pacific hake

Elongate, compressed, tapering to a narrow tail base; head relatively short (24.7-28.9% of SL) and flattened, with a V shape crest on top; large eyes and mouth, lower jaw slightly projecting; jaw teeth long, strong and pointed, in 2 irregular rows; teeth on center but not sides of roof of mouth; 18-23 gill rakers; 2 separate dorsal fins, the 1st  shorter and triangular (I, 9-12), the 2nd  with a long base and partly divided by a notch, 39-44 rays; anal fin similar to 2nd  dorsal fin, 39-44; well developed, non filamentous pelvic fins, 7 rays, situated before the pectorals; tail fin short, slightly forked; scales small, 125-144 on the lateral line.

Silvery above, whitish below.

Size: 91cm.

Habitat: pelagic.

Depth: 12-1400 m.

Oregon to and throughout the Gulf of California; the Revillagigedos

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