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Perciformes  -  Gobiidae  -  Lophogobius  -  Lophogobius cyprinoides

Lophogobius cyprinoides

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crest high, on nape & between eyes

top nape & crest: no scales
mottled brown

D1 dark + black & yellow spot
male: violet, D1 black & orange

cheeks: cream spots


Lophogobius cyprinoides (Pallas, 1770)

Atlantic crested-goby

Body robust, somewhat compressed; a high crest on nape extending from or just before dorsal to between middle of eyes; large depression below and in front of eye; cheek with 7 vertical rows of papillae; margin of preopercle with indentations at each pore; 1 pore between center of eyes, another between rear border of eyes; mouth opens at front, oblique, reaches under pupil; teeth in bands; dorsal fin VI (4th  spine longest, seldom reaches beyond 3rd-4th  ray of 2nd  dorsal) + I, 10; anal fin I, 9 rays; pectoral 16-20 (usually 18) rays, reaches past anal fin origin in adults;  pelvics fused into disc; tail round, about equal to head length; scales large, smooth on breast and on nape back to between 4th-5th  dorsal spine and pectoral base, rough on rest of body; top of nape and crest without scales, scales on side of nape below a oblique line between rear end of crest and midway between eye & edge of preopercle. 

Female  pale, upper head and body mottled with blotches of olive-brown to red-brown, cheeks and operculum covered with pale spots, several pale lines radiate behind eye, tail with wavy bars, other fins uniform; male  more extensive dark mottling, first dorsal black + orange blotches at rear, dark violet to black when breeding; juveniles  with brown blotches at rear & pale stripes at front, pale blotch bordered at front by dark bar on outer ½ of 1st  dorsal.

Size: 11 cm.

Habitat: shallow, quiet bays, inlets, estuaries mangroves, also into freshwater.

Depth: 0-6 m.

An Atlantic species known from around the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal.

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