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Atheriniformes  -  Atherinopsidae  -  Atherinella  -  Atherinella guatemalensis

Atherinella guatemalensis

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head short
D1 origin behind A origin

pectoral reaches pelvic tip
silver stripe < eye
A 20-26,  0-1 row scales 1st 5 rays

35-40 lateral scales


Atherinella guatemalensis (Günther, 1864)

Peppered silverside,     Guatemala silverside

Head relatively short - < 25% of SL, top profile straight; sensory system on snout with L shaped furrows at front; top jaw extendible, top of front bone relatively straight, doesnt reach under front of eye; first dorsal large, II-V spines, front spine longest,  origin ~over anal origin; second dorsal margin straight to concave; anal fin 20-26 (usually 21-22) rays, rear margin concave; pectoral reaches to tip of pelvic; none to 1 row of scales on bases of first 5 rays of anal fin; 35-40 (usually 37-38) lateral line scales, 6 transverse rows of scales.

Lateral stripe width < eye diameter, broadens and becomes diffuse on tail base.

Size: 9.5 cm.

Habitat: estuaries, coastal lagoons and in rivers.

Depth: 0-10 m.

The SE corner of the Gulf of California to Costa Rica

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