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Carcharhiniformes  -  Carcharhinidae  -  Carcharhinus  -  Carcharhinus limbatus

Carcharhinus limbatus

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snout long, pointed

small eyes
D1: large, curved tip, origin ~ over pectoral insertion
fin: tips black

top teeth narrow, serrated, straight
flank: dark stripe


Carcharhinus limbatus (Muller & Henle, 1839)

Blacktip shark

Body fusiform, relatively slender to stout; snout moderately long and narrowly pointed, its length 1.3-1.7 in distance between nostrils; eye small; nasal flaps low and broadly triangular; lip furrows short; upper and lower front teeth nearly symmetrical and similar, points narrow, straight, serrated; no ridge on back between dorsal fins; first dorsal fin moderately large, broad and falcate, its origin over or slightly behind pectoral fin axil, its height 8.2-13.8% of TL, tip pointed; origin of second dorsal about over or slightly in front of anal fin origin.

Grey brown dorsally, shading to white ventrally;  a stripe of white to pale grey along midside extending into white of upper abdomen; black tips to all fins except upper lobe of tail fins.

Reported to reach 275 cm; size at birth 38-72 cm.

Habitat: Inshore to offshore pelagic, although not oceanic, in estuaries, shallow muddy bays, saline mangrove swamps.

Depth: 0-64 m.

Circumtropical distribution; California to Peru and the oceanic islands.

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