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Perciformes  -  Sciaenidae  -  Umbrina  -  Umbrina dorsalis

Umbrina dorsalis

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dark lines on scale rows
D X + I, 29-33
C: slightly concave

snout very short

A: 7-8; 2nd spine thick, 3/4 1st ray


Umbrina dorsalis Gill, 1862

Longfin croaker,     Long-fin drum

Body oblong, somewhat compressed, lower profile ~ horizontal; back high, arched; head low, broad, conical; snout < eye; mouth ~ horizontal, under projecting snout; chin with 1 short, thick rigid barbel with a pore at its tip, and 2 pairs of pores beside its base; teeth in bands on each jaw, outer row on top jaw larger; 18-25 gill rakers; preopercle finely serrated; dorsal fin with a deep notch, X + I, 29-33, spines slender, second dorsal long base; anal small, II, 7-8 rays, 2nd  spine thick, ¾ length of 1st  ray; pectoral short, not reaching tip of pelvic, 15-17 rays; tail edge straight to slightly concave; scales rough on head and body, smooth on fins; bases of soft dorsal and anal fins with scaly sheath; lateral line scales 50-53.

Back blue-grey, silvery below; sides of body with indistinct, oblique dark lines along scale rows; inside gill chamber very dark, this color visible through gill cover; dorsal dark, pale line along middle; tail dark; anal pale base, dark outer margin, sometimes yellow tint; pectoral dark; pelvics yellow-brown; juveniles lack stripes, larger ones with 5-8 wide dark saddles on back.

Size: 35 cm.

Habitat: coastal sandy shores and bays, lagoons.

Depth: 1-20 m.

The mouth of the Gulf of California to northern Peru.

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