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Rajiformes  -  Dasyatidae  -  Taeniura  -  Taeniura meyeni

Taeniura meyeni

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disc: broad oval
grey + black blotches
tail short, thick, + deep, long ventral fold



Taeniura meyeni Muller & Henle, 1841

Black-spotted fantail ray,     Blotched fantail ray,     Round ribbontail ray

Disc almost circular, a little wider than long, narrower at rear; mouth broad, with 7 short papillae on floor; teeth small, densely packed like tiles, 37-46 upper tooth rows, 39-45 lower rows; pelvics small, elongate; tail with thick, depressed base,  slightly longer than disc; tail with no ridge on top and a large (height several times depth of tail itself) fold under tail from under spines to tail tip; 2 large venomous spines on top of tail; disc uniformly covered with small star-shaped denticles, a middle row of enlarged denticles on disc and tail.

Purple, blue-grey to  dark grey above, with moderate to dense scattering of irregular black spots; dull to creamy white below.

Size: 300 cm long, 75 cm wide; to 150kg

Habitat: sandy areas around rocky and coral reefs.

Depth: 5-500 m.

Indo-Pacific; resident in the Galapagos and Cocos.

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