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Pleuronectiformes  -  Cynoglossidae  -  Symphurus  -  Symphurus varius

Symphurus varius

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pupils without covers
D & A: dark blotches; ray bases on blind side with dark dots
D 90-97
A 77-81
C 12, dark base

not dark around gut and under operculum


Symphurus varius Garman, 1899

Mottled tonguefish,     Freckled tonguefish

Body highly compressed, elongate, oval, tapers to pointed tail; small close-set eyes on left side, pupils without covers; snout rounded; mouth small, curved, strongly so on blind side; margin of preoperculum concealed by skin and scales; dorsal origin ~ above upper eye; dorsal rays 90-97; anal rays 77-81;  dorsal and anal fins confluent with the pointed tail fin; only left pelvic fin present, 4 rays, on body midline, joined to anal fin by delicate membrane; pectoral fins absent, represented by a fine membrane;  tail with 12 rays; no lateral line; scales rough, on both sides of body; scales in longitudinal series 120-124.

Top side yellowish to pale brown; series of dark blotches scattered over body; front half of body with dark dot at base of each dorsal and anal fin ray; rear 2/3 of dorsal and all anal with dark blotches on fin bases; tail base dark, outer part clear; blind side with scattered dots, most concentrated along dorsal and anal bases; usually no dark blotch behind opercle.

Size: 12 cm.

Habitat: rubble and shell bottoms.

Depth: 20-280 m.

Costa Rica to Panama; Cocos, Malpelo and the Galapagos.

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