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Rajiformes  -  Rajidae  -  Raja  -  Raja inornata

Raja inornata

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snout pointed, bases concave
small denticles  disc & tail
tail - 1 row thorns

teeth: 36-40 rows
mottled brown
pectoral: no well defined ocellus


Raja inornata Jordan & Gilbert, 1881

California skate

Rhomboidal disc of flattened, pointed head, body and pectoral fins snout rigid, long, sharply pointed, with concave sides at its base, its length 12.3-16.4% of TL; 36-40 rows of teeth on upper jaw; large spiracles behind eyes; pelvic fins deeply notched, with 2 distinct lobes, rear one larger; spines on rear borders only of ventral side; 2 small dorsal fins at rear of tail, no tail fin; spines on disc small, thin, not grooved, with oval bases; no spines around or just behind eyes or on back; 1 row of spines along tail, extending onto pelvics and sometimes onto mid-back; top of disc with scattered small denticles.

Olive brown above, tan below; sometimes dark mottling, occasionally a dark ocellus or spots at base of each pectoral.

Size: 76 cm.

Habitat: soft bottoms, in bays.

Depth: 13-1600 m.

Canada to the western and NE Gulf of California.

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