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Batrachoidiformes  -  Batrachoididae  -  Porichthys  -  Porichthys mimeticus

Porichthys mimeticus

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back: 4-6 saddles
D: 1-2 spots at front, dark border

C: border dark

lower gill rakers: 10-12
lower LL ends ~ 18 pores before its line of photophores
A: 29-33, dark margin


Porichthys mimeticus Walker & Rosenblatt, 1988

Mimic midshipman,     Mimetic midshipman

One solid spine on opercle; no subopercular spines; teeth like canines; 11 (10-12) rakers on lower limb of first gill arch; first dorsal fin 2 solid spines, separate from second dorsal fin; second dorsal 32-36 rays; dorsal and anal fins not joined to tail; anal rays 31 (29-33); pectoral 16-20 rays; no scales; 4 lateral lines on body with light organs; lower lateral line ends  ~ 18 pores before the same line of light organs.

5 (4-6) dark saddles on back; dorsal fin with thin dark margin, 1-2 dark spots at front; tail with dark border; anal fin with thin dark margin; pectoral with dusky base, dusky rays; pelvics with dark rays.

Size: 21.5 cm.

Habitat: mud and sand bottoms.

Depth: 80-185 m.

Gulf of California.

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