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Siluriformes  -  Ariidae  -  Cathorops  -  Cathorops tuyra

Cathorops tuyra

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head: 1 long central groove

mouth small, lips thick & fleshy

lower jaw - molar teeth
roof mouth: 1 pr patches molar teeth
gill opening - side only


Cathorops tuyra (Meek & Hildebrand, 1923)

Besudo sea-catfish

Body moderately elongate; head small; snout long, pointed; top of head rough on rear half, covered with thin skin; narrow central groove in top of head from snout to a little behind eye, sometimes not reaching onto snout; bone projecting back from head shield triangular, with wide base, longer than wide, with a central keel;  3 pairs of barbells (on chin and both jaws); mouth small; lips fleshy, often thick; lower jaw bones very wide, with large molar teeth at rear; fine teeth at front of top jaw in two articulated patches; one pair of well separated, oblique, elongated patches of large molariform teeth on roof of mouth; gill opening restricted to sides by adhesion of gill membranes to breast; gill rakers 7 + 13-15; rakers on posterior surface of all arches; dorsal rays I,7; anal rays 19-20; pectoral rays I, 10-11.

Grey on back and sides, white below; fins dusky bluish grey.

Maximum size to 30 cm.

Inhabits brackish and fresh water.

Depth: 0-20 m.

Costa Rica to Peru.

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