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Beryciformes  -  Holocentridae  -  Myripristis  -  Myripristis clarionensis

Myripristis clarionensis

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3.5 scale rows above LL
body & fins yellow-red



Myripristis clarionensis Gilbert, 1897

Yellow soldierfish

Body ovate, deep; mouth moderately large, oblique; snout blunt, forehead convex; eye very large; no spine at corner of preopercle, which has a concave edge; opercle with one short spine, inner ridge of opercle and other head bones serrated; 30-34 gill rakers; dorsal fin with XI spines, continuous but deeply notched between last 2 spines, 13-15; anal with IV spines, 3rd  spine stoutest, it or 4th  longest, 11-12 rays; tail forked; scales large, very rough; lateral-line scales 40-47; 3.5 scale rows above lateral line.

Uniform yellowish red body and fins.

Size: 19 cm.

Habitat: rocky reef.

Depth: 5-50 m.

Restricted to the Revillagigedos Islands and Clipperton Atoll.

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