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Carcharhiniformes  -  Triakidae  -  Mustelus  -  Mustelus whitneyi

Mustelus whitneyi

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body humped

snout long
  D & C edges fibrous, dark

teeth pointed
  C: lower lobe - small extension


Mustelus whitneyi Chirichigno, 1973

Humpback smoothhound

Elongate,  hunched body; snout long; mouth large, angular; teeth high, roughly triangular, pointed; eyes horizontal ovals, with ventral nictitating membranes; width between eyes = 4.5-5.6% of TL, 5 gill slits, last 2 over pectoral fin base; 2 large dorsal fins, second slightly smaller than first; first dorsal broadly triangular, its mid-base nearer pelvic base than pectoral base;  dorsal fins with rear fibrous edge; distance between dorsal fins = 16-21% of TL, first dorsal behind pectoral; anal fin smaller than and with origin under middle of second dorsal; tail strongly asymmetrical, lower lobe with concave rear edge in adults; skin denticles on flank pointed ovals, canal along entire center.

Grey above, paler below; fibrous rear edge of dorsal and tail fins dark.

Size: 87 cm.

Habitat: rocky bottoms around islands.

Depth: 15-210 m.

Temperate SE Pacific; Panama to Chile.

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