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Rajiformes  -  Mobulidae  -  Mobula  -  Mobula munkiana

Mobula munkiana

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pectoral ends over spiracle
  tail medium, no spine, base compressed

  underside: white, wings - outer 1/2 dark
dwarf - 1.1 m


Mobula munkiana Notabartolo di Sciara, 1987
Munk's mobula,     Munk's devil ray,     Pigmy devil ray

Disc strongly rhomboidal, much wider than long; wings strongly pointed; head wide, projecting from disc; pectoral fins extend along head and form two large soft horns;  front margin of the pectoral fin ends above and before spiracle; eyes and spiracles on side of head; mouth ventral; small teeth on both jaws;  length of tooth bands 54-65% of mouth width; teeth wider than long, smooth tips; ~ triangular filter plates in gills separate at tips; tail long, slender with small dorsal fin at base,  a little shorter than disc width, with compressed base and without spine.

Upper surface black, purple or purplish grey; lower surface white, with outer half of pectorals blue-grey.

Size: 220 cm wide.

Habitat: schooling, pelagic in coastal and oceanic waters.

Depth: to 30 m.

Gulf of California to Peru; the Galapagos, Cocos and Malpelo.

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