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Updated: 06/12/2008  

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Gerald R. Allen

Gerald R. Allen
Dreyer Road
Western Australia 6111
Tel: +61 89 4961143

Born in 1942, Dr. Allen, spent his youth in California, where he gained a lasting appreciation of natural history. He obtained his doctorate in marine zoology from the University of Hawaii in 1971. He has traveled extensively throughout the tropics, having logged more than 5000 hours of SCUBA diving. Dr. Allen was the C urator of Ichthyology at the Western Australian Museum between 1974 and 1998. He now works for Conservation International as Science Team Leader for rapid biological assessment surveys, a job that is mainly concerned with saving coral reefs in Southeast Asia. He is regarded as an international expert on the classification of tropical reef fishes. Special interests include the taxonomy of marine damselfishes (Pomacentridae) and cardinal fishes (Apogonidae), as well as the freshwater fishes of New Guinea and Australia. He has authored more than 350 scientific articles and 30 books. Dr. Allen is also an avid underwater photographer and took many of the photos that appear in this CD. His hobbies include cycling and alpine mountaineering. He resides in Perth, Australia with wife Connie. They have two sons, Tony and Mark.

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