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Anas acutaLinnaeus, 1758
Common Name: northern pintail, pato rabudo, pato golondrino

Can be encountered in open habitats such as estuaries and coastal lagoons.
This species is highly migratory. During the breeding season, it can be found in the Northern part of Europe, in Alaska, in Canada and in the Western parts of the United States. However, during winter, the species migrate south and can be found in South Asia, in northern sub-Saharan Africa and in Panama.
This migratory duck can be easily recognized by its characteristic long pointed tail. The coloration pattern varies with the sex: males have a distinctive brown, grey and white appearance, whereas the female has a light brown plumage and also has a shorter tail.
The diet varies whether it is the nesting period or not. During the nesting periodm Anas acuta eats mainly invertebrates animals such as insects and molluscs; otherwise, they eat plant material such as seeds and rhizomes.
In Bocas Del Toro
CommentsAccording to the IUCN Red List 2008, the species has a conservation status of Least Concern (LC)
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